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What is a Direct Care Practice?

A membership-based service that offers affordable and accessible chiropractic care to its members.

Is it an insurance policy?

No, insurance is not accepted for payment.

What makes it affordable?

A low monthly fee with no out of pocket costs. Prices are discounted for families, groups, businesses and veterans.

What makes it accessible?

Chiropractic care with unlimited office visits.

Do children need adjusting?

Stresses on our children's spine such as looking down at electronics, poor posture and rough play can cause your child’s spine to have issues in growth and development.

Can pregnant woman get adjusted?

Yes, changes in posture and weight barring cause added stress to the spine. Adjustments help alleviate the stress the body is undertaking.

What chiropractic adjustment techniques does Dr. Boyles use?

Manual / hands-on
Instrument-assisted / Activator

Can I use my Medicare to pay for my services?

No, the state of Florida does not allow patients with Medicare to be part of a Direct Primary Care Agreement.

Can I make an appointment to be seen the same day?

YES, if there is a time slot available